Thursday, June 26, 2008


Hello my name is Bailey and I want to tell you about my trip to DISNEYWORLD, Florida!!! It was absoulutely amazing parades and shows were perfomed everywhere, there is no stop to the list of rides my family and I(dad,mom,sister,brother, and me including my aunt ,uncle , cousins,and my mimi and papa or as people call them grandpa and grandma).

The 4 parks were Magic Kingdom,Epcot,Hollywood Studios,and Animal Kingdom. There was a show at the end of the day for every park! My favorite ride out of all the parks was Space Mountain. We rode it three times! we would have rode it more but the line was too long because it was popular. We also got to meet all the disney characters. Their was this ride were you went so high you became cold! There were some wet rides to you know. And you wouldn't believe what some people could do during shows and parades! And Cinderella's castle at Magic kingdom is so big there is even a restraunt in there and what they call Cinderella Suites people can stay in. Well I think that covers everything important all I can say is I had a wonderful time!!!

This is my cousin katie(red shirt) my sister sydney(blue shirt) and me(middle) eating at a Disney restraunt